10 Things we should all know about style

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10 Things We Should All Know About Style

-As told by Louise Roe, host of NBC’s Fashion Star to Glamour Magazine

1. If a piece works three seasons, get it.  (that’s what editors do!)
Take bright leather.  It’s big, and it’s not going away anytime soon.  You can wear it in fall, winter and spring.  Instead of doing it with tights and boots, try lighter colors and fabrics.

10 Things

2. Know that some trends last.
Year after year, Fashion Week after Fashion Week, I see other showgoers in three things: Thigh high length blazers, cropped biker jackets and orange lipstick. Those staples of the fashion pack are priceless.

10 Things

3. Lean on accessories for variety.
It’s a trick I use between shows.  Accessories are the easiest and cheapest way to sample a trend or do a quick change.  Head to toe leopard is full on Lady Gaga, but a leopard loafer is accessible.  I wear leather leggings and carry changes of jewelry and scarves.

10 Things
4. Know your closet like a pro.
We wear less than 25 percent of the clothes we own, so go through everything-streamline your stuff and really take inventory.  Then go shopping.  My rule: Buy only one thing you can wear three ways with what you already have, and update with accessories like a necklace.

10 Things

5. Copy the people who get it right.
I’m so distracted by editors in the front row that I have to tell myself to watch the actual show!  Also, I am a nerd – I keep a scrapbook of images I love, to help me focus on the look I want: Laid-back seventies glamour.

10 Things
6. Trust the fashion crowd on this one: high waists!
I’m obsessed with tuxedo pants and structured pencil skirts, which I first got into when I saw Victoria Beckham in them.  Tuck in a pretty blouse and add a stiletto to look polished.

10 Things
7.  Stay femme in your menswear.
The borrowed-from-the-guys look is huge among chic women everywhere, but I’ve noticed that if you actually steal a blazer from your guy, chances are it’ll hang off your shoulders and look a bit… wrong.  So buy your own “boyfriend” blazers, and take his pants instead.   You can always belt the waist and roll the hem.  The key to pulling off menswear is to remind everyone you’re still a lady.  Add a red lip, smoky eye, or killer shoes to give it a womanly touch.

10 Things
8.  Add glam with a headband.
I love the way Nicole Richie rocks hers:  She never looks like she’ s trying too hard.  I’m all about Gatsby-inspired pieces in particular.  I just got a chunky band for evening and another with a thin gold chain.  Wear them with longer skirts and dresses for a glamorous boho vibe.

10 Things
9.  Go for instant sophistication:  Try brights with neutrals.
I first caught on to this trend at Rebecca Taylor.  Taupe, cream and chocolate brown all work well with pops of color.

10 Things
10. Follow the laws of layering.  (They work wonders!)
I’ve been seeing the chunky-sweater-under-biker-jacket look lately, and it’s tough to pull off, even for models!  Start with your longest sleeves, top with something shorter, like a vest, and finish with outerwear.  Keep all but the final layer thin.

10 Things


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