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Just like any other hair type, no two curly hair types are exactly the same.  Some can go days without shampooing, others wouldn’t even think about getting up in the morning without washing their hair, and they are both right. For their own reasons.  Curly hair is naturally dryer and coarser but there are always exceptions to the rules.  I’ve seen fine hair with silky soft curls (rarely.. luckies..) and I also see rough, dry, frizzy curls that seem unmanageable. Luckily, there are more hair products these days than there are hairs on our heads, each designed to make our life a little bit easier.

Curly Hair Types

If you have curly hair and can’t seem to figure it out, don’t feel bad.  Even cartoonists can’t seem to figure out the behavior of a curl, therefore most cartoons feature straight hair.  More complex yet, add length to curly hair and when that happens, the bottom of the strand is burdened and the hair is strained resulting in a completely different curl composition.  So it’s no wonder we can’t seem to find a product that is right for our hair.  Too many variables.

It’s easy to say the different types of curly hair; short, long, curly, really curly, super duper curly, you get the point.  What is actually helpful is finding the right product for the right hair type. What does curl cream really do, and who is it right for?

Let’s get right to it.

Types of products:

Curl creams are designed to enhance a curl, where a gel or a mousse is designed to hold a curl.  Curl creams can be made to help shrink the strand allowing for a better curl pattern.  A gel will just freeze the strand in its place, which is great for preventing frizz.  It really depends on the look you’re going for.  For a more natural look, go with a cream, for a wetter look with more hold, go with a gel.

What is nice about a mousse, is that it’s somewhere in between.  A mousse has a softer hold, adds volume and is better for fine hair.  Modern mousse has even less hold and has a creamier consistency and a velvety feel.  It is still lighter than a cream or a gel, adding volume as well as shine.

Beach hair is a fun way to play with natural texture.  The look is a matte effect with a messy feel inteded to look like you’ve been hanging out at the beach all summer.  Surf or salt sprays sprayed in wet or dry hair help achieve this effect. This style is only achieved naturally on wavy hair.  Straight hair or curly hair might have to work a little harder at it using an iron.

Lastly, conditioning.  Conditioning is not necessarily a styling product, though it can be, but more of a necessity.  Curly hair is basically dry hair with a roughed up cuticle and is crying for moisture.  I use conditioning masks and leave in conditioners to keep my hair healthy.

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