365 Days of Hair

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365 Days of Hair

My Commitment

Starting with a fresh color and cut while maintaining a minimum of 10wks.  I will showcase at least one new product every day for the next year and write a review on said product used.
My goal is to educate you, as a professional hairstylist, on how to properly use these products, while giving my honest feedback about what I personally think of them.

This is my raw hair using only Shampoo and Conditioner (and a leave in conditoner.. What?  I’m not an animal.)

365 Days of Hair

Product of the day:

365 Days of Hair

Kevin Murphy’s Young Again

Key Features:
Weightless and nutrient rich
Regain elasticity and infuse hair with shine
Powerful antioxidants
Moisturises dry and damaged hair
Intensely condition hair
Immortelle the elixir of youth will restore and revive hair
Protect and strengthen hair from heat and the environment

My hair post product (and after curling with a curling iron):

365 Days of Hair

I used Young Again after my hair was dried, mainly because I wanted to show my natural hair product free.  I prefer to use oils like these when the hair is wet because of the heat protection and the fact that it dries it so much faster.
Immortelle is Young Again’s key ingredient, it is a lot like Argan Oil as it helps nourish the hair and pushes out water to speed the drying process.  For hair like mine, as you can see, it will shave a considerable amount of dry time.

Before and After:

365 Days of Hair

Additional Products Used:
GHD’s Thermal Protectant after I applied Young Again to further protect against heat damage.
Unite Vitalize Shampoo – I like Unite products and this one may be discontinued.
Scruples Moisturex Conditioner – Not my favorite, my hair needs better conditioning, but I bought a liter so I was stuck with it.  I look forward to changing that one up.
Conair Pro Curling Iron- Not the most professional tool but it works so well on my hair, I don’t care!  I use a 1″ for a tighter curl and that way, I can take larger sections of hair.


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