Tip Tuesday / / Static In the Hair

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Hair Static Solutions

The attraction between charged objects is what we know as ‘static’, it is caused by an imbalance of electrical charges within or on the surface of a material.  Opposites attract and the same will repel. Preventing static: use conditioner to negate the positive charge in hair that causes is to repel against itself try a… Read more »

Tip Tuesday \ \ Curl Pulling

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Tip Tuesday Curl Pulling

  pulling gently on the curl allows for a longer, more vertical curl a vertical curl looks less formal and more modern curl away from the face and reverse every few rows for a non-uniform look start curl mid way down the strand and walk it down leaving the ends out always use a heat… Read more »

That’s A Wrap

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Nail Wrapping

From a basic french to an elaborate embellishment, nail art is in full swing for 2014.  It can be as easy as getting a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen to as involved as Gwen Stefani’s Nail Art Kit.  My personal favorite lies right between the two alternatives and that is Nail Wrapping.  Now I know these aren’t a new… Read more »

Day 93: Bed Head Wave Artist

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Its fun to experiment with new tools and today we played around with this fun and versatile 3 barrel Wave Artist Ceramic Deep Waver by Bed Head. Key Features: Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Frizz-free, shiny waves 30-Second Heat-Up High Heat Plate Locking Switch Multiple Heat Settings Initially I tried the Waver on my own hair with the… Read more »

Day 90: Turbo Power Mega Power 4000 Hair Dryer

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, How-To's.

Our salon came equipped with these bad boys.  I really like the power I get from the Mega Power 4000 by Turbo Dryer. Key Features: Powerful for professional results, ionic for healthier hair. Only TurboPower’s patented Ionic Technology delivers a professional, superior drying and styling experience. All parts Made in Italy.   I know there’s not… Read more »