Tip Tuesday / / Static In the Hair

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Hair Static Solutions

The attraction between charged objects is what we know as ‘static’, it is caused by an imbalance of electrical charges within or on the surface of a material. ¬†Opposites attract and the same will repel. Preventing static: use conditioner to negate the positive charge in hair that causes is to repel against itself try a… Read more »

Tip Tuesday \ \ Curl Pulling

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Tip Tuesday Curl Pulling

  pulling gently on the curl allows for a longer, more vertical curl a vertical curl looks less formal and more modern curl away from the face and reverse every few rows for a non-uniform look start curl mid way down the strand and walk it down leaving the ends out always use a heat… Read more »

Tip Tuesday \ \ The Art of the Blowdry

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Tip Tuesday

  always point the nozzle of the blowdryer down the hair, going with the grain use the nozzle attachment that comes with the blowdryer, it helps concentrate the air flow never touch the nozzle to your hair/brush when drying, it can burn the hair lift at the roots when drying to create volume, or blow… Read more »