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There is a lot of hype around Cleansing Conditioners these days, it seems like every brand out there now has it’s own adaptation. If you know me, you surely know my absolute dislike for sulphates. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to be exact, the main surfactant in most cheap shampoos and common cleansers. Many brands have chosen to eliminate this ingredient, opting for a more effective, less aggressive cleansing agent.

Pureology Cleansing ConditionerA Cleansing Conditioner is exactly as it sounds, it feels like a conditioner, looks like a conditioner and acts as a conditioner, but has the ability to cleanse as well as condition. There is no lather and can be confusing and hard to get used to. The ease is in the simplicity of the product, and the difficulty comes in where we associate clean with a lather.  I couldn’t agree more, but have come to see that it really does work.

I have tried a few Cleansing Conditioners by a few brands like this and this, and have come to find out they are generally very similar in concept. Some have different types, for instance, Pureology has 3 different options; Hydrate, Strength Cure and Smoothing Perfection. All designed to cleanse while conditioning, but even their site states to use it weekly vs daily, that the benefit lies in giving your shampoo the day off.

But I think the issue lies in who really benefits from this new product.

First, to determine why, I have compiled a list of pros and cons:

Easy to use all-in-one product
No harsh surfactant which leads to;
Less color fading
Less damage

No surfactant which leads to;
Overuse of the product
Can’t tell when/if the hair is clean

For my hair, personally, although I have been using them daily for what seems like months, I am not a good candidate.  I have long, thick, coarse hair which is why I have discovered that I can’t tell when/if my hair is clean, therefore, I overuse the product. No, literally, I use what feels like a quarter of a bottle. I also tend to wait a few days to wash my hair, so I feel like I overuse to try and get my hair to where it feels no longer greasy.  That leads me to another con, for my hair, it feels like it doesn’t clean as well as a regular shampoo, then my hair gets dirtier faster.  I used to be able to go 3-4 days without washing no problem, now I need to wash every other day to avoid greasy roots.

Now for the pros, if you have thin, fine, color treated (red or fantasy especially), short hair let me tell you, this product was made for you.  Because there isn’t a harsh surfactant, colors stay brighter and longer, hair stays healthier and if you have short, thin or fine hair, you don’t need to use nearly as much as I do.

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