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Just another fun day at the office.  Today for a shine prep I used ExquisiteOil by Matrix.

ExcuisiteOil by Matrix
Key Features:

Oil infused haircare provides many benefits to all types of hair. ExquisiteOil Protective Treatment is formulated with a Moringa oil blend, providing lightweight replenishment for all hair types.

● Protects and nourishes hair for extra softness and brilliant shine
● Adds control and manageability
● Deeply conditions when used as an overnight treatment
ExcuisiteOil by Matrix

To add some shine before curling for a few of the girls today I chose an oil to not lend any stickiness or weight.  We wanted shiny retro curls with a strong hold for all the wind outside today.

I really like the oil and, of course, I especially like the conditioning aspect.  Any product that serves multiple purposes is a product I will most likely chose for my personal arsenal.  The oil didn’t weigh the hair down at all but gave it tons of shine.  I used it as a prep before curling and also ran it through the ends for added definition.

It seems pretty comparable to the Moroccan Oil Treatment but for about half the price.  They do say it’s a great overnight leave in treatment (so is anything made up of natural oils like Argan Oil), but who wants to wake up to a slimy pillowcase and oil all over their face, that is if you sleep as reckless as I do..


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