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I don’t wear my hair flat iron straight much, so I decided to let a friend be my guinea pig trying Flatliner Spray by Osis.

Flatliner by Osis
Key Features:

Flattening iron serum
For ultra straight flat styles

  • Ultra flat control
  • 200°C heat proof ingredients
  • Long lasting ultra flat shiny, silky looking hair
  • Humidity protection
  • Smoothes & reduces frizz, tames curly and wavy hair
  • Enables you to master varying degrees of porosity
  • Even results without any compromise
  • Apply to dry hair prior to use with hot irons
Flatliner by Osis

Before (left), after ombre highlights then using Flatliner and straightening with a flat iron (middle), after curling with a flat iron (right)

While most heat protectors instruct to spray while wet, I usually spray when dry before the iron hits for optimum protection.  Flatliner says to spray on dry hair so that’s exactly what we did.  The weird thing is, there is no scent.  None. I even sprayed it in my hand and brought it up to my nose thinking I was missing something.  Nope.  So for people who like odorless products, this is your heat protector.

I didn’t notice much shine or any hold, but her hair smoothed out nicely and curled even better.  I like that Flatliner states that it protects up to 200 degrees, most heat protectors don’t give you a number leaving you to believe it could be high, but who knows.

You should always be spraying something on the hair before using any type of hot tool, that way there is something acting as a barrier between your hair and the hot iron.  Even an Argan Oil is better than nothing, but I always recommend a heat protection spray of some sort.  Your hair will thank you.



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