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As a temporary solution to conceal roots, it doesn’t get much easier than

Conceal by Style Edit

Day 27: Conceal by Style Edit

Key Features:

Works in seconds and dries in minutes
Selective emollients provide a natural feel to the touch
Paraben, sulfate and peroxide free
Doesn’t flake or rub off, even after brushing
Washes out with shampoo
Doesn’t require a hairspray to lock in the product

Shake well before each use
Apply on dry hair only
The nozzle is fine tuned and sensitive.  Press down gently
Let dry at least 2-3 minutes before touching hair
Hold can 2-3 inches away from head
Apply in short, continuous strokes

Today, on a friend of mine, we matched her to Medium Light Brown.

Day 27: Conceal by Style Edit

Day 27: Conceal by Style Edit

Not only is it covering her grey hairs, it richened and deepened her color, making her look like she just got a touch up!  This product was so easy to use and it comes off skin so easily.  I got a few dots on her forehead and all it took was a damp paper towel, not only did the stain come right out, it did it without taking the color off the hair.

This is a great product to use for in between touch ups. I recommend using the tester first to match your color, to me, the blonde is very golden and would not work or ash blonde hair.

Check out this video to see it in action, I can’t believe how well it covers her hair!


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