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I’ve been wanting to do an Argan Oil comparison post for a while now and today I found a perfect example.  Against my better judgement I tried One ‘n Only Argan Oil.

Day 28: Argan Oil by One 'n Only

Key Features:

Non-greasy oil treatment absorbs instantly into the hair, creating brilliant shine without leaving any oily residue

Helps protect against damage caused by chemicals, excessive heat from styling and environmental factors

Can be used on wet or dry hair for styling, conditioning or finishing
Ideal for all hair types, including chemically and color-treated hair

Day 28: Argan Oil by One 'n Only

With a name like One ‘n Only, it has to be good right??
Well, I guess I can’t say I hated it, that’s a strong word.  However, I did not like the greasy feel and the heaviness of it on my hair.  I used a fraction (at least half) of the amount I would use of a true Argan Oil, I say that because even though the product claims to contain Argan Oil (or as they put it Acetite de Semilla de Argania Spinosa.. Umm why is it in in Spanish??  Not that any of the ingredients are pronounceable.. ) Also, did I mention it’s their 6th listed ingredient?

Anyway, I prefer my true Argan Oil whether It’s Moroccan or Luxury hell, I’ll even take Kevin Murphy’s Immortelle Oil over this any day.

One way to know if the product is a true Argan Oil is the packaging.  Argan Oil contains such small molecules that it can only be packaged in a glass bottle.  It would seep through plastic.  That’s how you know the product is good for your hair, it is actually going into the hair shaft and working within.  It’s a great indicator that it is a light weight product and not a greasy heavy synthetic.

Know the difference, check out my post The Truth About Argan Oil. 

My hair with One ‘n Only vs my hair with Unite’s Argan Oil

Argan Oil vs Synthetic

Just to be clear, I took the one on the left at night when it was darker so I got a warm glow. It has nothing to do with the product.

Argan Oil vs Synthetic


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