Whipped Creme by Sebastian

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Soft, creamy, luxurious Whipped Creme by Sebastian, just don’t try eating it, I can’t imagine it would taste very good but it’s hard to resist.  Plus, now I really want pie.

Whipped Creme by SebastianKey Features:


Protein-rich, ultra-light whip lifts deliciously nourished curls and waves to perfection for super-conditioned air-light bounce.

Shake well and dispense downward into palm. Distribute evenly into damp hair and air-dry for sleek waves. Blow-dry for tousled bounce or set hair for glamorous, bouncy curls.

Whipped Creme by Sebastian


I took the left photo a while back after trying Flawless Conditioning Shampoo by Macadamia.  My hair was clean and product free, then on the left we have my hair after letting it air dry with Whipped Creme.

My hair feels so soft and there is no trace of stickiness like with a traditional mousse.  Whipped Creme is more like a leave in conditioner that controls curl while leaving it soft and touchable.  And it smells fresh and fantastic.


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  1. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for this post! My hair type is similar to yours, and I’ve been looking for a good curl mousse. I used to use Sebastian products when I was in high school and I remember it was a great brand. I just bought a can of this mousse, we’ll see how it works! :)


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