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DevaTowel by DevaCurl, where have you been all my life?  If you have curly hair and are using an old-fashioned terry cloth towel, that is so 2014.  I just tried, for the first time (why??), a microfiber hair towel by DevaCurl.  These girls know their stuff.

DevaCurl DevaTowel

Key Features:

Did you know the coarse and absorbent texture of a terrycloth towel promotes frizz for your curly hair? The DevaTowel provides a smooth surface and absorbs just enough water to allow DevaCurl styling products to set curls while keeping them defined, frizz free and intact.

The only, and only thing I didn’t love about this towel is the size.  I wish so much it was just a little bigger so I could swing it around my head, tuck it and leave it.  Instead I used it for scrunching it dry – which, by the way, my hair dried way faster using this towel.  How do they do it folks?

Whether you wear your hair curly or not, using this towel reduces so much frizz.  I didn’t even realize how much a regular towel frizzed hair until I tried the microfiber, and I will never dry my hair the same again.

Between this towel and argan oil, I should be able to blink my hair dry.  I’ll try that in a few days, because tomorrow I’ll be posting a curl cream that I am using tonight.  Stay tuned..


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