Curls Rock Amplifier by Tigi

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After trying the DevaTowel yesterday, I thought I would see how using it would effect my natural curl.  After towel drying, I used Curls Rock Amplifier by Tigi and let my hair air dry for the least amount of friction.

Curls Rock Amplifier by Tigi

Key Features:

Provides hold and control for defined curls and streamlined waves by enhancing natural texture. Helps protect against humidity.

Curls Rock Amplifier by Tigi

My naturally curly hair with no products (left) My hair after letting it air dry using Curls Rock Amplifier

I liked the Amplifier, it left my hair soft with a slight crunch.  It was nice to not style it and let the natural curl come through, and I think with the microfiber towel, it really reduced the frizz and allowed my curls to have separation and definition.

If I were to diffuse the Amplifier in, I think I would have gotten a better curl and more volume.  I do like the wave effect though and would pair with an oil next time for an even softer and shinier finish.

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