Cleanse & Cover by Cover Your Gray

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I found Cleanse & Cover by Cover Your Gray at Ulta for a fraction of the price of Keratin Complex’s Dry Shampoo.  After reviewing Keratin’s Dry Shampoo just a few weeks ago, I thought I would try this one that looks almost identical.  Same concept, same ingredients, much cheaper.

Cleanse & Cover by Cover Your Gray

Key Features:

Cleanses and Refreshes Hair Between Washings
Cleansing properties absorb excess oils. Hair is left clean and fresh smelling with a full-bodied “just shampooed” appearance

  • Increases volume
  • No water formula
  • For all hair types

An excellent concealer for thinning areas on the scalp

  • Alcohol free
  • Will not matte, clump or dry out hair

I love the fact that it comes in 5 different colors to match just about every hair color:

Cover Your Gray Cleanse & Cover


I used the dark brown on both myself and my step-mom (top of grid).  She is 100% gray but we do a few lowlights of brown through her front, it was fun to see what the powder would do on her gray hair.  It blended really well into the gray being that it is a powder, I believe that helped it appear soft and natural.  My only complaint is that for being dark brown, it looks light on both her hair and mine as well.

I also like that it doubles as a dry shampoo, you can see that difference in my photo (bottom of grid), where my hair looks cleaner and softer at the roots.  I didn’t see much gray coverage though in the few I have, I think it might cover gray better on my hair if the powder was darker.

I couldn’t believe how similar the ingredients were, the first three ingredients are the same, just in reverse order.  The fourth ingredient in the Cleanse & Cover is perfume, which smells great.  Especially when used for a dry shampoo, it is nice to have dirty hair smell fresh and so clean, clean.

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