Straight Day by Keratin Complex

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For the last day of the year, I thought I’d give Straight Day by Keratin Complex a challenge, and what do you know, it passed with flying colors.  Not that I have big plans for New Years Eve, but a girl can have good hair if she wants to.

Straight Day by Keratin Complex

Key Features:

NEW Straight Day Styling Spray is a superior daily treatment that moisturizes and protects all hair types. When used with the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatment, Straight Day replenishes the hair’s existing keratin bonds to enhance treatment results while increasing shine and softness. On wet or dry hair, this hydrating spray smoothes, reduces flyaways and tames unwanted frizz. The unique anti-humectant formula locks moisture in and humidity out, so hair stays silky and frizz-free throughout the day. UV filters block damaging UV rays and keep hair protected from the drying effects of the sun. Plus, Straight Day Styling Spray is a convenient and easy way to refresh dry, unruly hair when travelling or on-the-go. Straight Day Styling Spray can be used alone or in conjunction with any Keratin Complex products for the ultimate in smooth, shiny and healthy hair.

Straight Day by Keratin Complex


My hair can be so hard to work with, let alone straighten.  It takes a lot of work and a really good product with quality ingredients to get this unmanageable mop looking decent.  As you can see from the photo on the left, that is my hair 364 days ago with no products or any styling whatsoever.  To the right, is my hair blow-dried only with Straight Day.  No irons, no heavy machinery or heavy artillery, just a girl with her blow-dryer and a few pumps of Straight Day.

I used a good ten pumps on my towel dried hair before blowing dry.  Side note, my hair-dryer is on the slow side so to really get it this straight without my fancy salon dryer, I am impressed.

Straight Day has hydrolyzed Keratin as a second ingredient, which, due to its moisture binding capabilities, hydrolyzed keratin protein increases the moisture content of the hair, restoring luster, body, and increasing manageability.

It smells great, lightly perfumed, but clean smelling after dry.  Great for all hair types, but clearly best for curly or wavy hair.

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