My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

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The secret may be out, but it might just be worth keeping.  I heard rave reviews about this product so I was excited to try My Amazing Blow Dry Secret.

My Amazing Blow Dry secret
Key Features:

The exclusive two-part formula features quick-dry agents in the clear half and conditioners, hydrators and protectors in the pink half. When sprayed onto wet hair, the quick-dry agents evaporate rapidly, taking the water with them and leaving the beneficial ingredients on the hair.

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

I understand alcohol is amazing but it’s defenitly not a secret, especially when it comes to hair products.  It’s been used in hairsprays, mousse and gels forever.  Ok so this ‘amazing’ spray did help dry the hair a little bit but there are much better ways to get results if your goal is to have your hair dry faster.  I used it on myself and for good measure made my sister try it.  Neither of us were impressed and mainly because we both use this.

Argan Oil is my go-to product and dries the hair just as fast.  Seriously.  The oil pushes the water out of the hair which allows for faster dry time plus with all of the benefits of an oil, like shine and moisture not dull and dried out.  Alcohol free.

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