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Our salon came equipped with these bad boys.  I really like the power I get from the Mega Power 4000 by Turbo Dryer.

Day 90: Mega Power 4000 by Turbo Dryer

Key Features:

Powerful for professional results, ionic for healthier hair. Only TurboPower’s patented Ionic Technology delivers a professional, superior drying and styling experience. All parts Made in Italy.

Day 90: Mega Power 4000 by Turbo Dryer


Day 90: Mega Power 4000 by Turbo Dryer

I know there’s not much of a difference in these photos but we do all know how to operate a hair dryer, I just want to show a trick I use for my second day hair.

Before I get to styling my hair, even before products, I like to get some of the roughage under control.  After tossing and turning for a good 8 hours, hair like mine can actually look better on the ends (not mine today, don’t judge me by this hair..) BUT generally speaking rough hair (ends) can smooth out a little bit overnight.  Only problem is, the hairline gets a little wild.  Mine does anyway.  Some people might like the added lift but I prefer to wear mine down across my forehead.  So instead of breaking out the flat iron and causing unnecessary damage, I use my blow dryer to direct those wild hairs down and get everything smoothed out.

Then I can properly assess how I will move forward with my style for that day.

Oh, and these dryers work great and really propel a lot of air.  I feel like my clients’ hair dries a lot quicker with these dryers.  They don’t get quite as hot as I would like for those few clients who need major blowouts, but they are a great temperature for most hair types.  They suspend from the ceiling for us, it is ergonomic on our wrists as stylists, and they are always within reach.

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