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Bored of the same old ponytail?  In a few easy steps you can try a whole new way to wear your hair off your face.  To hold this look in place I used W8less Hairspray by Rusk.

Day 58: W8less hairspray by Rusk
Key Features:

RUSK® W8less™ Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray is a versatile design tool that provides texture, natural shine and long-lasting, touchable support. It contains Thermplex™, a unique combination of ingredients that activates with the heat of a blow-dryer to provide shine, control and condition from the inside out.

Day 58: W8less hairspray by Rusk Day 58: W8less hairspray by Rusk

Because of the w8less-ness of the hairspray, I used it to prep her hair before we curled it.  It really is lightweight and not too wet.  We also used it to tame some of the fly-aways around the face and through the back.  For this style it’s not crucial for every hair to be in place.  I like more of an organic, textured look where it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The spray smells great, not overwhelming.  It’s not a hairspray that will hold a spiky hairstyle or an updo perfectly in place but it will have a soft hold with no flakes or sticky-ness.

For the bubble pony, start with running a wax or pomade to smooth the ends.  Then, pull some hair back and up into a ponytail.  Use a clear ponytail holder or wrap some hair around the ponytail holder for a softer look.  Next, pull back another section of hair and secure it like you did the last.  For a fuller effect, take the pony tail, separate it in half and gently pull to the sides to move the ponytail holder up, this will allow each section to bubble.  Finish with hairspray to keep fly-aways in check.

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