Fall Transitional Haircolor

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“I am changing up my wardrobe from summer to fall…how can I transition my hair into a more appropriate color for fall?”

Fall Transitional Haircolor

According to Kyle White, lead colorist at Oscar Blondi Salon, who’s clients include Mariah Carey and Naomi Watts, “Darker and warmer hues are always a trend, but this fall, more than ever, brunette is going to be huge,”

Darker hair, in the right shade for you, can do many things to enhance not only your wardrobe, but can bring out your eyes and compliment your skin tone. Going darker does not have to be a dramatic change.

Fall Transitional Haircolor

Salons offer many types of color services, including low lights and special effects like Ombre. Ombre is defined as a gradual graduation of hair color from one color to another. The most common way, and the most often seen, is where the hair is darker at the roots and fades lighter to the ends. This way of coloring is perfect for those looking for less maintenance hair color.

Another go-to color for fall are one of the many shades of red. As the leaves change and our tan fades, our skin tone supports the richness and boldness red hues provide. As always, this doesn’t have to be a one trick pony, by starting with a few pieces of red around the face and maybe more of a saturation around the nape, there is the ability to keep some of those golden highlights from summer or keep your natural as your background color for a less maintenance option.

shades of red


*When coloring your own hair (especially going darker), always consult a professional.

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