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Brigitte Bardot

As a1960’s beauty icon, Brigitte Bardot has had one of the largest influences on style to date.

Her classic, effortless hair has been emulated for decades.  Not only has she given us the “Bardot neckline” (exposed shoulders), a weakness for gingham and made bikinis a summer staple for women, she has also single-handedly made “big hair” notorious.  In her native country of France, it is called the “choucroute” (sauerkraut) hairstyle.

Femme Fatale

“Some hairstyles have a habit of dipping in and out of fashion, while others are so classic they never seem to date. It’s one from the latter category that we focus on today, drawing inspiration from those icons of the 1960s that were so seductive, so utterly sex kitten, that it’s hard to imagine their voluminous hairstyles ever being less than desirable.
As the sixties fashion revival continues its rise to dominance, this is also a style that can be adapted and varied year after year, and thus one well worth mastering. It’s a modern take on a style we often associate with the likes of Brigitte Bardot: a half up bouffant hairstyle.” –

Get the look ~

The style is best on longer hair, the longer, the better.
First, prep the hair with a volumising mousse like Session Whip by Unite and a root lifter at the root. This works on dirty hair too, just use Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair first to get rid of any excess oils.
Dry against the natural growth of the hair for the most volume.
Spray with Kevin Murphy hairspray to help set the look and apply Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puff at the scalp to create even more lift.
Curl with an iron away from the face with large sections, or set in large rollers, keeping in mind it is more about messy texture and volume rather than perfectly defined spirals.
Once curled the trick is to backcomb the entire crown and in the face framing depending on desired look.
Brush curls out and smooth over base of the backcombing to polish the look.
Spray well with an extra strong spray to set.

If you have a swoopy side bang, try parting your hair on the opposite side where the face framing will be longer.  Bonus –  going against your part will create extra volume around the face.

Femme Fatale

To finish Bardot’s look ~

Use primer and loose or pressed powder to get a matte finish on the face.
Bronze the cheeks for warmth but keep a natural palette.
Next darken the eyes at the lid, not so much in the crease but blend from the lash line up.  Blacken both lash lines as thick as desired and follow with layers of black mascara.
Last use a concealer not only under the eyes, but as a base on your lips too for a nude pout, line the lips with a nude pencil and fill in with a neutral gloss.
Voila ~ femme fatale

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