Fromm 1907 Brushes

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Nothing works better to hush that fuss better than a good blow out.  No, I’m not talking about my newborn, I am talking about hair tools. Apparently square is the new round when, especially when it comes to the new square brushes by Fromm, and I couldn’t agree more.

Fromm 1907 BrushesKey Features:

1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brush by Fromm has a unique shape that allows for one stop blow dry styling to achieve three different looks: straighten, create loose waves, or form tight curls. Ceramic coated barrel for high heat resistance. Rippled ionic nylon bristles to increase contact with hair for faster drying.

These brushes come in three sizes at Ulta:

The 2” Small Square Thermal Brush ($15.00) is perfect for bangs and to give short hair some volume and softness.  It also works great to work in a curl into longer hair.

The 2.5” Medium Square Thermal Brush ($16.50) is the most versatile size, and can add volume and movement in all hair styles.

The 2.75” Large Square Thermal Brush ($17.99) is great for adding volume to long hair. It is my personal favorite for my hair and it gives me so much volume and a little movement to my long hair.

Fromm 1907 Brushes

Fromm 1907 Brushes

My experience with these brushes have been great.  I use them with every client and have for a few weeks now and I no longer have use for any of my old brushes. Yes! I love them that much!

My favorite thing about these brushes, besides that they look so cool, is that it’s square shape allows for added volume. Where before, a round brush creates volume at the scalp, the square shape adds that little bit extra of a bump to really pump up the volume. That is great for all hair types and lengths.  My hair smooths out great and we all know how much of a challenge that is, and bonus due to it’s ionic nylon bristles it dries faster! Yes, really!

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