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I don’t know about you, but I never do New Year’s resolutions. At least not in the last ten years. Why? Because I never stick to them and by February I am disappointed in myself and left worse off than I started that first of January.

BUT there is something about this New Years that is making me want to see 2014 in a whole new light. I want to create a change this year and I am realizing the only way to get there is to make it myself. Nobody is going to be there to make my choices for me and nobody else can make a better, more educated guess as to what is  really best for me.

Half Full

New Years reminds us of failures past and I want to start putting a more positive spin on that right bleeping meow.
How? Easy. I’m going to set realistic, attainable goals. Instead of saying I want to look like Gisele Bundchen, how about I be a bit more realistic and understand that I won’t be able to grow another foot vertically while shrinking a foot horizontally. It’s just not possible. At least not in 2014.

Also, it would be great to have a more positive mindset and just be happier, but just thinking about all that forced cheerfulness makes me crabby. Instead, I need to get to the bottom of what makes me happy and simply just do more of that. Find out what is toxic, get rid of it, and start looking at the glass half full.

Lastly, I personally am very goal driven. Without goals I am setting myself up for failure. So my first goal will be to make some goals. I think that sounds attainable. With more goals comes more effort and with more effort comes success and overall satisfaction.
“The brain accelerates towards goals the closer it perceives success. For the same reason that marathon runners tend to pick up speed at 26.1 miles, our brains release chemicals called success accelerants, that give us more energy as we perceive being closer to the finish line. Starting your resolution list with a blank sheet of paper means you lose the advantage of these success accelerants.”

I wish you nothing but luck, love and happiness for 2014
Happy New Year!

Half Full


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