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Ever see a before photo of a celebrity and think “How the heck does that happen??” Well, besides a lot of hired professionals of all sorts and dropping lots of cash, it’s really hidden in the details.. Camouflage.

Here is a good guide to understanding highlighting and shadowing (basically downplaying and accentuating). The video is great and to be honest, I only found it a few days ago and it really helped me understand the technique and now I am addicted! Try it tonight and see if you (or anyone else) can tell the difference!!

2 Responses to “Highlighting and Contouring Tricks”

  1. Kay Mason

    I think we should practice this at work sometime, do you know if our makeup line carries a contour palette?

    • Breanna

      We don’t carry a palette but I can contour you sometime this week! It’s mostly about having different shades of highlighting and deepening.


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