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Last night the Simonson’s team celebrated 30 years in business!  We had an amazing spread, an awards ceremony, plenty of cocktails and an absolutely brilliant (and hilarious) motivational speaker, Dr. Lew.


“Doctor of Encouragement” Author, Motivator and High Energy Expert on Leadership, Attitude and Success.

Here is what I got out of his inspirational teachings:

Don’t let your surroundings have power over you, so much so, that you react negatively in the situation.

My personal favorite:
What is, is – Why are you complaining about the weather?  The weather doesn’t even know your name!

I love his story about three car accident scenarios:
The first guy gets out his insurance, exchanges information and gets on with his day.
The second guy complains and rants about the accident happening, but eventually has to get out his insurance and exchange information to then get on with his day..
The third guy gets out his shot gun, gets arrested, spends time and prison and he too eventually has to get out his insurance and, you guessed it, exchange information to get on with his, well, life.

What guy do you want to be?

Moral of that story:  Why give yourself a heart attack when it’s not going to change the situation?


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“Have you ever noticed that the only ones who ever reach their dreams are those who have them!”
– Dr. Lewis Losoncy

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