Mens Hair

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Don’t get me wrong, not all men’s hair is exactly the same, and if they’re anything like my husband, they don’t have any hair at all.  Well, clearly this advice is not for them.  I’m talking to the majority of men who get out of bed, and on a good day will slap some goo in their hands, run it quick through their hair and call it a day.  Yes, that guy.  He could be your boyfriend, father or brother but whoever he is, he could probably use your help.  Er.. My help.  Ok, our help.

Mens Hair

Men tend to wear their hair the way it is.  Women, on the other hand, are straightening, coloring and curling until there is nothing left to alter.  So, for men, we have to keep it simple or they are just not interested.  They show their diversity in their cut and style.  Short and spiky, medium and dapper or long and carefree.  Let’s start with short and spiky.

Short Hair For Men

For men that like to keep it short and sweet, simple and unfussy, a spiky hairstyle is the way to go. For spiky hairstyles, I recommend a gel and/or a paste.  First, when the hair is wet, apply a pea size amount of gel.  To really set a good foundation, grab a blowdryer, then dry the hair pushing it backward to create spikes.  After the hair is dry, or at least mostly dry, grab a pea size amount of paste to soften the spikes.

short spiky mens hair

A paste is thicker and stickier allowing the spikes to stay put.  A pomade would just make the hair look greasy and if there is any hint of thinning, this would make the hair look thinner and sometimes dirty.  I like Redken’s Gel to create the foundation, then after drying (which can be completely skipped and just gelled for a hard hold wet look), I would apply a paste like Fiber by American Crew.

Medium Hair For Men

This look is best for men with a full head of hair.  Having it longer with thin or thinning hair will make it look thinner.  Never a good look.  With medium length hair there are three options; slick it all back Jax Teller style, wear it all dapper and old fashioned, or just let er buck.  With the latter, you really don’t need my help, you are a free spirit and don’t need anybody’s help with hairstyling.  But for the first options, and whenever products and styling are involved, don’t go about it without some guidance.  For the biker/greaser/Jax Teller look, I suggest the aforementioned Pomade.  This is a greasier finish and will make the hair look wet and slicked back a la this guy..

Jax Teller Hair

The other option for medium length hair (or even short hair with a little finesse), is the dapper look.  Courtesy of James Dean, the look is a classic for men.  The right hair type helps here too, not too curly or too straight.  I feel like straighter hair is better off going with the Jax Teller, while curly hair is better off either short or long and carefree.  To create this look, I also recommend a gel and blowdryer to get the hair smoothed back with the force of the air, then a Forming Cream (not as heavy as a paste or as slimy as a pomade). Work the cream in (again, pea size) and rake through taking care to get the cream all throughout the hair, not just on top.

James Dean hair


Long Hair For Men

Lastly, long hair is most likely the easiest of the three, but is the hardest to get to.  Growing out any length of hair puts it through awkward lengths and odd mullet phases.  But to get a Van Morrison mane with all its glory is so worth the trouble.  This look is best for full heads of hair with a little texture (curl) to it and can be either product free (if you’re really that lucky), or for best results, a curl cream will help form those curls and eliminate frizz.

long hair for men


All Mens Hair

All these hair products can build up in mens hair and for that I recommend Clean Brew Shampoo.  It removes build up and cleans any product residue on the hair.  To keep it as simple as possible, for an every day shampoo, I recommend a two in one shampoo and conditioner like Clean Spice by Redken.  It is super easy to use and eliminates the need for both a shampoo and a conditioner (soooo many steps right?)  A built in conditioner reduces dryness and flakiness.  Win. Win.

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