Coarse Textured Hair

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For the first of twelve in this series, I am going to stick with what I know best.  Coarse hair.  My hair.  Difficult, problematic, pain-in-the-arse hair.  I suppose everybody can say they have problematic hair and that is exactly why I am taking on this 12 hair type challenge.

One thing that is important to understand about hair types, is that there is no way of changing your hair type.  Of course the exception being curly to straight and straight to curly, or by coloring and chemical processing.  So, either you have coarse hair, or you don’t.  And yes, you would know if you do.

Coarse Textured Hair

So, what is coarse hair?

Well, if it helps, coarse rhymes with horse and that is a very comparable example of coarseness.  Each individual hair is thick, not necessarily the entire head of hair (though that is usually true), but each individual hair is thicker in diameter than normal hair.

Generally coarse hair is thicker hair and can be straight, curly, frizzy, wavy and comes in all colors.  One nice thing about having coarse hair is the hair is less snarly and tangly.  My hair combs out extremely easy and that is one thing I am grateful for when I am styling this mop.

My hair specifically is frizzy, curly and coarse, but I will talk about combination hair at a later date.  I just want you to have a mental picture when and if I refer to my hair. Example of my hair here (also pictured at left).

Coarse hair is rough to the touch.  If in good shape, it can be smooth and look healthy, but most coarse hair is dry hair (not to be confused with damaged hair, unless, of course, you have damaged it).  The finer the hair, the softer and oilier the hair, while the coarser the hair, the rougher and dryer the hair is.  African hair is a great example of coarse hair.  It is very curly and very dry.  However, asian hair can be very coarse and straight, demonstrating that hair doesn’t have to be curly to be coarse.  Hair that is dry needs moisture and moisture will soften the texture of the hair.


Hair Products for Coarse Textured Hair

1. For a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner I recommend Luxury Wash and Rinse by Kevin Murphy.  Luxury is a great name to remember for those with coarse texture, any hair product with a luxury description evokes a feeling of rich, soft and silky which is exactly what this hair type needs.


2. Terry cloth towels can be too rough on the hair and can increase frizz.  I prefer a microfiber cloth like DevaTowel.  It doesn’t have the roughness of a regular towel and can help decrease frizz for a softer effect.

3. As I mentioned, coarse hair doesn’t get as snarly.  As being the operative word.  Some hair, especially damaged, curly coarse hair may get a few snarls.  So to remove snarls with ease, I recommend a paddle brush.  It is pretty basic and mainly used to brush through after washing.  Boar bristle round brushes are the way to go if you’re looking for a styling brush.  The boar bristles increase shine.

4. As for a hair oil for the ends, I recommend Marrakesh X or any Argan Oil based hair oil.  Natural oils, like the ones in X, have a hydrating and softening effect that you can’t get from a silicone.  Silicone oils coat the hair and while not causing any harm, I prefer a product that packs a punch and will lend its benefits to the hair.  To read more about the benefits of Argan Oil, check out The Truth About Argan Oil.

For those with coarse, curly hair looking for a sleeker finish, I recommend a smoothing cream like Rockaholic Stellar Smoothing Cream by Tigi.  Coarse hair can handle the weight and almost needs it to help tame the mane.



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