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If there is any type harder to understand it is short hair.  Many of us chop our hair off because of trend, frustration or even boredom.  We go to the salon feeling all brave and watch as our hair falls to the floor.  Most of the time we are happy to see it go, other times not so much and sometimes even a little of both.  So you just got a shiny new hair cut. Now what?


Short Bob HairstylesThe bob haircut has been popular since the women’s rebellion in the 1920’s. Women were ordered to grow their hair long and those who chose to wear it short were not considered respectable.  We have thankfully come a long way and now women wear their hair however they see fit, as it should be.

The bob has a few variations and is generally below the ears and above the shoulders.  The A line bob gained popularity around 2000 and has proven itself to be a powerful mainstay.

Styling a bob

For a chic sleek look, blow dry smooth and flat iron for added slickness. Blunt bangs also look great with a sleek bob, and the thicker the better.  For fine hair smoothing, at the salon I use Blow and Set by Unite, and for coarser hair, you need the added weight on that shorter strand to do some of the work for you, so I use Smoothing Lotion by Moroccanoil.  Not too much, a little goes a long way with short hair.

Long Bob

Long Bob HairstylesFondly referred to as the Lob, this modern take on the bob is sooo right now. Everyone is doing it and everyone not only can, but should.  This flatters all hair types and face shapes and doesn’t feel too long or too short.  I love this cut with a little A line for some interest but not too short in the back, just a slight angle keeping it just off the shoulders.

Personally, I feel like this cut looks best with a little texture. Sure curly would work, but it would take away from the effect, but a wave suits it just perfectly.

Styling a Long Bob

I usually curl my hair with either a flat iron or a small curling iron always turning the iron away from the face and leaving the ends out for a less formal look.  For a natural wave spritz the hair with a sea spray like Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble and let air dry for best results.


Pixie HairstylesNot for the faint of heart, a pixie is a super fun way to switch up a cut, but can be ma-jor commitment.  Not only is it scary to make any kind of drastic change, but if you love it and want to maintain it, prepare to be in the salon every 4-6 weeks to keep it up.

There are many ways to style a pixie and most will flatter a lot of different face shapes, albeit as long as it’s cut with your face shape in mind.

Styling a Pixie

Being so short, pixies are best styled with lots of volume.  A hair paste or a sticky product like Bed Head Manipulator will get the hair spiky and keep it that way.  There are matte finishes for a rougher, natural finish that will add texture and pomades that add creaminess and shine.  Depending on the look you are going for, there is a product to match.

I recommend starting with a mousse to set the foundation, then blowdrying against the natural grain to add volume. Once the hair is dry, apply your product of choice, but keep in mind with shorter hair you won’t need as much product.  It is better to start with a pea size and go up from there, it is hard to fix a style with too much product.  Trust me, you might be better off rewashing and starting from scratch..

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