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One of my all time favorite product line is Moroccanoil; I love their oil treatment, curl cream, I use the intense hydrating mask every single time I wash my hair and it has yet to do me wrong.

A few months ago I forgot to use the oil treatment before my blow out, and wondered why my hair was not looking as shiny and why it wasn’t getting as smooth.  I went to look in my product arsenal and when I saw it sitting there, forgotten, I realized then how much of a difference it really did make!

The latest and greatest product they have blessed us with, is one well needed and, so far, well received.

I am talking about their heat styling protection spray.

Day 14: Heat Protection Spray by Moroccan Oil

It features a pump nozzle with a fine mist that you can apply before blow drying, and {always} before applying heat with an iron.  An innovative heat-protecting agent effectively prevents breakage and split ends, while added UV filters shield hair and minimize color fading.

My hair thanks you and so do I.

Watch how I use Moroccanoil Heat Protection Spray here:

Moroccan Oil Heat Protection Spray

Ingredient List

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19 Responses to “Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection Spray”

  1. Annie

    I love this! I’ve heard a lot of positive things, as well have seen a lot of good news about moracan hair care products. Is this line expensive or reasonably priced?I’d love to try some of these products!

    • Breanna

      The price is very reasonable for the results! Moroccan Oil’s Oil Treatment makes hair so shiny and silky, it is not a silicone based oil so it penetrates the hair making it easier to manage and helps cut down blow dry time significantly!

  2. Melissa

    I have heard nothing but positive things about this line, but have yet to try it myself. My hair could use all the help it can get. If you were to begin with only one product from this line, what would you suggest?



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