Looking for a few tips and tricks on hair styling?  I’ve got you covered from simple backcombing to curling your hair with a flat iron.



Looking for an easy updo tutorial?  Maybe you need some help styling your hair for your cousin’s wedding.. Or better yet, she asks you to help with hers and a few of the bridesmaids!  Yikes!

 Here are some step by step instructions for creating a style that will make you look like you (or your cousin and her bridesmaids) just stepped out of a salon!

Step one, take a deep breath.  Step two, find a printer.  You might need a cheat sheet.

You can do this.

In fact, you can do one of these..Holiday Hair Cheat Sheet

Milk Maid BraidHoliday Hair Cheat Sheetbeauty tutorialbeauty tutorialpinned back fishtailHeat WaveHeat Wave

3 Responses to “Beauty Tutorials”

  1. Ashley welsh

    I love the videos :) if only I could curl my hair with a straighter like the video!

  2. Rachel G

    Thanks for all the great tips B! Hopefully I can try some of them out soon. I’m sharing you giveaway so others can check out your blog and enter to win.


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