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It’s no wonder women feel the need to be ‘perfect’.

With endless photo modification options out there, what we see is really just somebody else’s idea of perfection.  For every hour of actual photographing, professionals spend an estimated 8 on the computer, doing what?  Editing.  Is reality is no longer good enough?

Real enough?

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The Dove Campaign, launched in 2004 has made great attempts to bring awareness to the onslaught of advertisements telling us what we need to look and feel younger/thinner/prettier/softer.

In this video, women are asked to describe themselves, how they do so versus how others see them is astounding.

While many are criticizing the Dove Campaign for multiple reasons {ex: Axe and Dove are both owned by Unilever and Axe’s sexed up ads are a major contradiction to what the Dove Campaign is set up for.  People are also upset because they think Dove is saying looks don’t matter, and they clearly do.  You can’t go to a job interview looking like a hot mess because, basically, if you can’t take care of yourself, what can you take care of?}

I still believe this video and this campaign says so much about how we perceive ourselves.  There is no such thing as perfection.  There is, however, a such thing as beautiful and if you are happy, confident, take pride in yourself and are respectful of others, that is beautiful.

And really:

“What people in the world think of you, is really none of your business.”
-Martha Graham

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