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Top Seven Success Tips from Celebrity Hairstylist and Entrepreneur Sally Hershberger

1) First, give it away. Be of service. There must be a purpose in what you’re doing beyond just you. Find it. It could be a school you care about, a spiritual path, animals – whatever you care about deeply, find that purpose and live for and from that.

2) Honor money. Don’t make making a lot of money a bad thing. In other culturesthat I follow, money is cherished and honored. They believe, as I do, if you find a penny on the ground you pick it up.

3) Know your self-worth. I know what I give and deliver when I do hair – it’s unique. And I know what I do helps people and stands out. I know I am in high demand and I feel worthy of that. Know what you’re great at and believe in it.

4) Don’t listen when people say “you can’t. ”When I wanted to go work for the most famous hair salon, people said to me, “Oh you can’t do that – you’re too young and inexperienced.” There were eight hairdressers there and all were very famous. But I just walked in there at 8:20 in the morning, ready to go, just a punk kid. They said, “Do a haircut.” I did, and was hired. Then I “out-famoused” them. I really don’t listen to what people said I can’t do. I listen to my inner voice.

5) Be active in your path. You have take responsibility and know what your goals are. You’re only here for a certain amount of time. What do you want to achieve? What do you want it to look like? It’s your life, not a dress rehearsal. I’m very focused on being crystal clear in my daily life and being a conscious person.

6) Control and manage your emotions. Don’t be overly-emotional and insecure in your work – take constructive criticism, get tough, understand that this is business.

7) Finally, stick with what you know and do well. When I ventured off into the clothing line, it was well received and went into top stores, but it was something I really didn’t know. Once again, I was pulled back into hair. It was when I focused on my hair care line that things took off. My hair products offer women something that they can’t find anywhere else– easy, sexy, modern hair that moves. Sticking to what I know and love brought me where I am today.

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