Nail Wrapping

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From a basic french to an elaborate embellishment, nail art is in full swing for 2014.  It can be as easy as getting a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen to as involved as Gwen Stefani’s Nail Art Kit.  My personal favorite lies right between the two alternatives and that is Nail Wrapping.  Now I know these aren’t a new concept but they are new to me and the design options are endless.

Nail Wrapping

You can’t get that kind of precision from a pen and did I mention these wraps last 2 weeks, yes, two.  The only polish I know that lasts that long is Shellac, which I don’t hate, I actually used it with my wrap, but with wrapping there are no toxic chemicals and no acetone removal.  Acetone is a removal option but warm olive oil works too.

Nail Wrapping Nail Wrapping

Get a free sample pack in the mail by going here.  Canada go here.  I did and the application was so easy –

Nail Wrapping

I did the Shellac on the other nails by myself – so not perfect – but I love how the mint shade matches the floral wrap

Want to see how easy it is?  Watch the official application method here

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